Our Story

"Sitting at a table, breaking bread with loved ones. Warmth, love, abundance. The BHKitchen is borne from a commitment to never taking the people we care about for granted.

On Sunday nights, about twenty of us come together at my Aunt's house, each bringing a dish and stories of the week that has just passed. And on Tuesday nights, my friends - the brotherhood - come together for the same. It gets harder for all fifteen of us to find the time as we get older, as we build our own families, and as we spread across different continents.

But food is the ultimate (and reliable!) equaliser. These big, warm get-togethers surrounded by food and abundance will always bring our families and friends back together even as we drift in and out through the tides of life.

So, dust off the spice rack, pull out a couple of pots and pans, turn on the stove, and bring the people you love together."

- Tiri | Founder @ The BHKitchen