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Magnetic Spice Jars
Rachel Tarrant
Super Impressive BHK & Product.

I ordered the wrong size containers and BHK have been amazing to deal with in fixing up my mistake. Can't recommend them enough. Looking forward to having my practical pieces of art on my fridge as they work so effectively.

Magnetic Spice Jars
Kieran Williames
Love the jars!

The magnetic stick is solid enough for the densest of spices and the lids don't scratch my metallic grey fridge. I'm gonna get more big ones to completely move my spice rack over to my fridge. Perfect - exactly what I wanted!

Magnetic Spice Jars
Lillian Haines

Seem like good quality, look great on the side of my fridge. The small size is a little too small however. They hold under 1/4 cup

Magnetic Spice Jars
Phillipa Prior
Spice jars

These look excellent on the fridge and I love them - better than rummaging around in cupboards. Every friend who’s been over the past couple of weeks have commented on how useful they look. One little suggestion would be more variety in the pre-printed labels :)

Magnetic Spice Jars
Louise Fisher
Problem rectified

My first delivery of the small size spice jars were too small. I was surprised since I thought the photos made them look bigger.

Customer service quickly helped by sending a bigger size once I returned the other and paid the difference.

It was good to deal with a company that cared enough to fix the problem.

Nice but some drawbacks

These jars arrived today and are beautiful. They look classy, organised and neat. However, the jars are very small so I will be ordering some of the larger jars for more commonly used spices. I'd also love if there was an option to buy an insert for powered spices so the jars could be used as shakers/sprinkling more easily.

Magnetic Spice Jars
Louise Fisher
Magnetic spice jars

Received delivery today. The jars are so small that when I tried to transfer my standard spice bottle over the my new jars the spice did not fit. The photo in the ad is misleading.

Such a handy invention!

Love these jars, I use them every single day. Ive had these jars for over a year and no signs of wear and tear and stick very firmly to the fridge. The best part is I can take it to the bulk foods store and fill my spices straight into them. Highly recommend!

Innovative spice jars!

I love the magnetic spice jars so much I have 2 full sets. You can see all of your spices instead of digging through the pantry. Best of all No Plastic!!!
I'm in need of yet another set of jars because they are all full.

Great idea!

My pantry had spices literally all over the place until I got these. They now sit neatly organised on my fridge. Thanks ☺️

Magnetic Spice Jars
Maggie Jones
Excellent space saver

Guests often comment on my spice jars (which are on my fridge) and admire how organised they are and how little space they take up. I wanted something that didn't sit on the kitchen bench or get lost in the cupboards- these jars are the best way to keep spices on hand, in sight but out of the way

Magnetic jars - great storage solution for tiny spaces

Love them. Small jars are impractically small, but the large ones are perfect for spices. Great storage solution for tiny house.


Cute little jars, thanks for the quick delivery!

Magnetic Spice Jars
Norton Summit Wines
Fabulous kitchen mates

I like the items that surround me to be functional as well as artistic and these spice jars do both. Thank you.

Absolutely love my spice jars!

These make cooking a breeze! Having my spices within arms reach on my fridge has meant I’m not stuck rummaging around trying to look for a spice stuck in a draw, they are neatly displayed on my fridge and also double as cute magnets for my 5 year olds almost daily artworks!
Love the polished look these give my fridge and the labels that make it easy to know which is which. Great innovative idea these are! Very happy!

Magnetic Spice Jars
Carol Sacco
No item received yet

Haven’t received my parcel yet.

Magnetic Spice Jars
Katrina Starkey
What gorgeous little spice jars!

These were perfect for keeping my spices organised and close to hand when went camping over New Years.
Camping with spices can be tricky work - we’ve had so many incidents of jars randomly opening and leaving herbs throughout the kitchen but these ones worked beautifully. I’m so grateful for them. Thank you!

The best magnetic spice jars you’ll need

These magnetic spice jars are the best, you can pop them on your fridge or range hood and they are ready to go when you cook, each little jar cones with a label which you can easy recognise what herb or spice you need for that particular meal.

Magnetic Spice Jars
Daphne Donzow
Great Idea!

These spice jars are such an amazing idea and so handy to have in the kitchen. I use them to store my most used spices. I have stuck them on the fridge for super quick and easy access while I’m cooking! Highly recommend!

Magnetic Spice Jars
Shauni Leigh
Game changer

I received a pack of magnetic spice jars recently and I love them! I no longer have a tub full of different spices but a neatly organised collection on my fridge. I take the ones I am currently using and stick them to my range hood for easy access whilst cooking!

Wonderful Products! Gift for the foodie who has everything

These spice jars are a awesome gift for the foodie who has everything. Both novelty (with the magnetic function) and practical. They come with 2x labels for every spice you could think of, plus extra blank labels. The labels come in two designs, so you can choose a favourite, or do top+side labels etc. Also, the magnets are VERY strong. I have filled these up with spices to make an extra thoughtful gift :)

Magnetic Spice Jars
Natalie Sweete
Spice Jars

Super handy for those herbs and spices you use the most often, saves hunting around in the cupboard for them in the middle of cooking.

Game changer

Foodies and kitchen lovers these are not only adorable, look super cute but a must for the kitchen easy to grab and adding the bit of style to the kitchen.

Magnetic Spice Jars
Cara Delarue
So convenient

The magnetic lids are a game changer!!! So convenient 😍😍😍😍

Magnetic Spice Jars
Nakia Buhagiar
AMAZING! So convenient

Cannot believe I didn’t have these sooner! They make cooking so easy and saves trips to the cupboard as they’re in arms reach. The magnets are super strong too and the jars fit a whole standard spice pack!